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Founded in 2000, Streaming Faith's mission is to give ministries, believers and seekers everywhere the tools, word and community to deliver the undisputable, fathom the impossible and experience the unbelievable to fulfill our definitive purpose on this earth and beyond. Streaming Faith exists at the intersection of the ministry, marketplace metaverse. Ministries on Streaming Faith can: - Leverage our legacy and enterprise streaming platform and infrastrcuture to ingest, transcode, manage, organize, schedule and deliver their content - past, present and future - anytime, everywhere - Deliver a library, go live or produce a linear [24/7] channel - Build a custom channel in app - Distribute content on the web, across social media sites and on over-the-top platforms like Apple TV, Google Play, Roku and FireTV. - Access an ecosystem of tools designed to empower their ministry to mitigate its overhead, evolve into a global ministry, upskill their constituents and create shared prosperity in the communities they serve - Generate tithes by referring other ministries to Streaming Faith and bringing Acts 4:32 members to the platform Believers, seekers and observers can: - Create custom profiles - Watch unlimited amounts of content from your favorite ministry messages, sermons and conferences - Share content to amplify powerful words of wisdom - Connect with like-minded people in the Kingdom - Explore healthy and factual discourse in curated channels across a range of contextual topics - Access an ecosystem of tools designed to empower their lives, families and communities - Purchase exclusive merchandise, swag & NFT's Acts 4:32 members can also: - Claim their verified profile for complete authenticity - Unlock our vintage vault of 20,000+ hours of vintage content and growing - Participate in exclusive masterclasses by top leaders of faith, innovations, entrepreneurs and wealth creators - Join fellow believers, seekers and observers in a virtual reality metaverse - Generate extra revenue by bringing other Acts 4:32 members into the community - Know that a percentage of your membership will go into the Streaming Faith foundation to provide Platform features include: - Insert - Insert - Insert - Insert

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